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Blaine Gabbert injury: Jaguars QB could be out longer than 1 week

The Jaguars have already ruled quarterback Blaine Gabbert out of Sunday's game against the Raiders, but don't be shocked if he's out longer.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert suffered a laceration on the top of his right hand late in Sunday's 28-2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, which required 15 stitches.  Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley ruled Gabbert out of this week's game against the Oakland Raiders due to the injury, citing concerns over infection which won't allow him to practice.

We've all seen the picture of the gash on Gabbert's hand by now, so it's no shocker he'll miss practice and the game this week.

The question now is if Gabbert will be ready for the game against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3. Regardless of how Chad Henne plays on Sunday against the Raiders, I wouldn't be shocked if the team held out Gabbert an extra week just to let his hand heal.

A laceration as big and deep as the one Gabbert has can rip back open fairly easily when stitched up, especially on the hand he's using to take snaps and throw the football. Even if Henne goes out and lights up the scoreboard, the plan could be to sit Gabbert anyway. If Henne goes out and drops a deuce on the field like he did against the Raiders last year, don't be shocked if he starts again against Seattle.

Note: This is just 100 percent my own opinion, based on seeing how bad the cut on Gabbert's hand was.

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