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What Oakland Raiders player is the Jaguars biggest concern?

There will be some interesting match ups on Sunday, but which Raiders player is the biggest concern for the Jaguars?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars took a loss on the chin, 28-2 to the Chiefs on Sunday, but overall their defense played really well. I had picked the biggest concern for the team as running back Jamaal Charles, but the Jaguars defense bottled him up well. The real concern for the Jaguars ended up being the interior of their offensive line, but I can't imagine they'll play that poorly again against the Oakland Raiders.


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For me the biggest concern with the Raiders is quarterback Terrelle Pryor, mostly because he's a massive unknown. He's a big strong athlete who's been sitting on the bench at quarterback for Oakland, but finally broke through as the starter due to his play in the preseason, and the fact that he brings the big play element to the Raiders offense.

That's something the Jaguars defense didn't really allow against the Chiefs and it's something the defense is going to have to bottle up if they want to have a chance against the Raiders on Sunday.

Pryor didn't really wow anyone with his ability passing the ball, ending the day with just over 200 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions, but what he did was make some back breaking runs from the position. Pryor finished the game with over 100 rushing yards on just 13 "carries", quite a few which were designed bootlegs.

The Jaguars defense on Sunday, especially the linebackers and safeties, are going to have to make sure to play assignment football and not lose contain, especially on bootlegs, play-action fakes, and roll outs. If they do, Pryor will take the running lane and pick up huge chunks of yardage.

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