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Jaguars news roundup 9/12

Jacksonville Jaguars news around the internet you may have missed.

Kevin C. Cox

First off the field: Bradley likes Henne’s leadership
The Jaguars didn’t want this situation. But now that it’s here – now that the team will start its backup quarterback in the second game of the 2013 regular-season – Head Coach Gus Bradley said he is comfortable that it’s happening. That’s because of Chad Henne. Henne, who competed with Blaine Gabbert for the starting quarterback position throughout training camp, will start for the Jaguars against the Raiders Sunday, and Bradley said because of the competition – and because of what he has seen from Henne – he is confident in the position.

Josh Scobee prepares to kick on the dirt in Oakland by practicing at the Baseball Grounds |
Josh Scobee kicked on the dirt at the Baseball Grounds Wednesday and will do it again Thursday to prepare to kick in Oakland Sunday.Since the Raiders share the stadium with the A’s and the baseball season isn’t over, the infield dirt from the baseball configuration won’t be sodded.Scobee said that special teams coach Mike Mallory texted him Tuesday and said he arranged for the Jaguars to use the Baseball Grounds.

Oakland Raiders Favored To Defeat Jacksonville Jaguars In Week 2
The Oakland Raiders will host the Jacksonville Jaguars for Week 2 on Sunday afternoon, as both teams will step into the Coliseum after losing their first Week 1 performances. The Jaguars loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1 was devastating because Jacksonville only scored two points. The Raiders, on the other hand, went down swinging against a tough Indianapolis Colts team while keeping their pride intact. The matchup should be interesting, even though the Raiders will be favored. The performances from both teams in Week 1 are what determined the favorite, and the fact that the Raiders will be playing at home also determines the prediction of who might win.

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