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Jedd Fisch says Jaguars have to avoid 'tee-off downs'

The Jaguars allowed six sacks in Week 1 and Jedd Fisch says that's because the team put themselves in "tough situations."

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It's an understatement to say that the Jaguars struggled offensively against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1. With just 178 yards of total offense, the lowest total of any time in the first week of the season, there are plenty of things the team did poorly, but one in particular was avoiding bad down-and-distance situations.

"We put ourselves in some tough situations," Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch told reporters on Thursday. "I think 51 of our [70] plays or so, it was 10 yards or more to go when you count your first-and-10s plus. So, we have to be in a better situation to play better ball."

"When you have those tee-off downs, those second-and-longs or those third-and-nine pluses, you're so susceptible to so much," Fisch said.

Those "tee-off downs" are largely the reason why the Jaguars offensive line allowed six sacks to the Chiefs, as players like Justin Houston were able to get after the passer without concern of a run in a short yardage situation. With Chad Henne taking over for the injured Blaine Gabbert in Week 2, the Jaguars will have to do a better job of finding yardage on first and second down against the Oakland Raiders.

The Jaguars finished 2-9 on third down conversions against the Chiefs in Week 1.

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