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In a tragic turn of events, the Jacksonville Jaguars lose to the University of Alabama in a surprise matchup that caught both team's fans and players off guard. The tide rolled through Duval like a mobile home through Middleburg. I had the opportunity to talk to both coaches after the game.


Gus Bradley was surprisingly upbeat after a lopsided beat-down. "I feel like we got better today. It's not often an NFL team can compete with players the caliber of Alabama's. I mean, look at some of Alabama's former Quarterbacks that dominated the college ranks. Those guys are still 3rd string for the Jets and one of those players even passed Tim Tebow on the depth chart. Great stuff. Im proud of our guys."

Nick Saban was seen in the North End Zone giving all 7 members of the Bold City Brigade the throat slash/ gun to head/ hanging signal/ cowboy lasso/ gangham style/ middle finger. Brash to say the least. "I lied at halftime," said Saban. "This is the exact kind of shit we do. I will literally murder this Bold City Burger and find that broad with the chicken legs that Cap was talking about."

Flawda Water was not deterred. He was heard rapping "Duval" for the 34th time this afternoon just after the final whistle. Until we die, indeed.

The Jaguars face a short week as they catch a redeye to play Oakland just 21 hours from now. I asked Coach Bradley about the quick turn around. "It will be good to get this loss out of the way for our players. A short week means less distraction. It's another chance to get better."

Good luck tomorrow, Jaguars. You looked like shit today.