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Jaguars vs. Raiders final score: It's really bad, 19-9

Chad Henne led the Jaguars to their first touchdown of the season, but the reality is that he was really bad and the Jaguars are really bad.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Following a 19-9 loss to the Oakland Raiders (a team that likely finishes with a losing record in 2013), the Jaguars are well on pace to not only break, but obliterate the following records:

Fewest points in a 16-game season:

Current record - 1991 Indianapolis Colts: 143

2013 Jaguars pace: 88

Fewest TDs in a 16-game season:

Current record - 1991 Indianapolis Colts: 14

2013 Jaguars pace: 8

Most punts in a season:

Current record - 1981 Chicago Bears/2002 Houston Texans: 114

2013 Jaguars pace: 152

There really isn't much else that needs to be said about this team. Blaine Gabbert was bad in Week 1, Chad Henne was bad in Week 2 and there isn't any other quarterback on the roster that will magically fix the Jaguars any time soon. It's a bad team and this is going to be a bad season.

Are there good signs? Yes, believe it or not. When Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell began his rebuild of the Jaguars, he started by rebuilding the secondary and adding speed to the offense. While the team hasn't been successful so far, it's hard to say he's failed in those areas.

Frankly, the defense wasn't terrible against the Raiders. They were gashed by Darren McFadden on more than one occasion, but with a legitimate pass rush, there's reason to believe that there is talent on the backend to build with. Particularly, safety Johnathan Cyprien stood out with multiple big hits and a forced fumble.

Buckle up, everybody. It's going to be a rough season, but hold on to hope that this patient rebuild is creating a young, ascending roster. And no, Henne and/or Gabbert almost definitely don't factor into that.

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