Which was the most WTF & SMH play of the day?

As I beheld the glorious rebuilding of football that is the Jaguars I noted several standout moments that will echo throughout eternity. I'm sure there were many others but I can't stand watching the tape again.

A) I.R. Babin: 1st defensive series. Raiders get the ball on the 30 after horrendous special teams coverage where the Anger has to make a tackle. D mans up gets them to a 3rd and 12 when Babin, after the whistle and off the ball, pushes someone in the back for a 15yd penalty that leads to an inevitable touchdown. Really set the tone for the whole game.

B) OW that hurts: Offensive Weapon Denard Robinson obviously shows up on special teams chasing a punt that is waved away. The ball then takes a Jax bounce but thinking outside the box Shoelace for brains dynamically reels it in on the 10yd instead of letting it bounce again towards the goal. Same bonehead play that was roundly condemned last week and led to a WTF fan gif that we will see again and again this season.

C) Muffed Snap: The commentators said this play summed up the Jags day - they meant season so far.

Straight after a sack, Ace" never dropped a pass in college" Sanders saunters behind the O-line looking for sticky spray or something and Meester psychically senses his presences and snaps the ball into his belly. Sanders who after two weeks in the NFL is totally used to drops and immune to feeling bad about them carries on his merry way while Henne and the FB scrabble around on the ground contesting the ball like little kids in a sand pit fighting over a spade.

The Raiders rushers take pity on them or don't want to be in the same picture and leave them to it. It's a small loss of yards but a giant leap backwards for team credibility.

D: Henne goes double or nothing; We score a touchdown # becauseChad. Gunslinger Henne looks to the sideline to make sure they're thinking two points like he is. They are. This is as good as in the bank. He looks over the line of scrimmage likes what he sees - the secondary are falling right into his trap. He calls the snap, stands tall in the pocket biding his own sweet time.

The TE comes back on the curl route by design and Henne winds up and wastes some Halloween-head Raider goon high in the nosebleed section of the corner stands with an absolute rocket. Classic! Didn't see that one coming; the made him spill his drink...Moron was probably watching the open receivers. .. Chad cruises over to the sideline and shares a laugh with some of his com-padres about that one.

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