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Chad Henne likely to start against Seahawks, Gus Bradley noncommittal on QB

The Jaguars are likely to start Chad Henne again against the Seahawks, despite Gus Bradley being noncommittal in his post game press conference.

Thearon W. Henderson

Chad Henne's box score against the Oakland Raiders appeared a lot better than the actual product on the field, as for the vast majority of the game the Jacksonville Jaguars offense looked every bit as inept as it did against the Kansas City Chiefs.

With Blaine Gabbert still allowing the laceration on his hand to heal, it's likely the Jaguars will start Henne again on Sunday out of necessity, even though head coach Gus Bradley didn't commit to him after the game on Sunday.

"We'll see," Bradley told reporters after the game. "We'll evaluate where Blaine is after this week."

While some will try to read through the tea leaves, this is essentially standard operating procedure for the Jaguars. The team picked Gabbert as the starter and Bradley was adamant that he wasn't going to be wishy-washy with his decision based on a single game or two. If Gabbert is healthy enough to play on Sunday he'll probably start.

The reality is however, he's probably not going to be ready to go by Wednesday and Henne will most likely get the starting nod again.

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