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Can we stop with Tim Tebow now?

The "Why Not Tebow?" rally was as expected, a massive joke. So, can we please stop this garbage?

Some people in Jacksonville, who claim to be Jaguars fans, created a website which I refuse to link to because it has hidden ads used to dupe people who visit it into view ads to make the site owner money, decided to hold a "rally" at EverBank Field at 3:16 P.M. for three hours and 16 minutes.

None of what was typed is a joke.

This was of course covered ad nauseam by people such as ESPNProFootballTalk, and the other typical list of chuckle heads who keep forcing Tebow on actual Jaguars fans.

The result?

So, do you think they'll do big mass notices of the results of the laughable "rally"? Of course not, because that doesn't fit what they do.

They're not concerned with what's actually news anymore. Just what gets you to click their websites and watch their terrible, content lacking television shows.

I agree with Mark Long's tweet here, but the reality is the failed result isn't as "juicy" as the story of the "rally" so they'll forget about it.

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