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NFL power rankings, Week 3: Jaguars shockingly in last

The Jaguars lose to a team that no one thinks is good and the Jaguars stay in last place on the power rankings. Shocking, huh?

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars were slotted as the worst team in the NFL by SB Nation after their Week 1 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Somehow, some way, the team's 19-9 loss to the Oakland Raiders did nothing to move them out of the cellar of the latest version of the power rankings:

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

LW: 32

A crowd of fans, approximately six, gathered outside the stadium to urge Jacksonville to sign Tim Tebow. It's sad. But the Jaguars really are that bad this season. Not bad enough to take on that distraction though.

If you're unclear what crowd is being referenced, it was the joke of a crowd that somehow caught all headlines involving the Jaguars on Monday. There are more Jaguars fans headed to Seattle this week to watch arguably one of the worst teams in NFL history play the very good Seahawks than there were at the stadium on Monday "rallying" for a terrible quarterback.

Until the Jaguars earn a win or even look remotely competitive, expect to see a No. 32 preceding their name in just about every power rankings released in 2013.

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