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Sign Tracy McGrady

The 2013 Jaguars are hopeless, but a savior may be on the horizon.

He's just waiting for the phone to ring, Shad
He's just waiting for the phone to ring, Shad

Let's face it everybody, the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars are hopeless. This is a bad football team and there's no knight in shining armor that's going to come save the day...or is there?

It just so happens that there's an out-of-work athlete that has been a winner at every level. Better yet, he wants to play for the Jaguars. Yeah, you guessed it: Tracy McGrady.

Obviously this is an easy decision for the Jaguars. McGrady has to be signed.

There just isn't any excitement in Jacksonville and McGrady will undoubtedly put butts in the seats. Better yet, he's a winner who earned the 1997 USA Today High School Player of the Year award. You might be asking yourself: How many Jaguars have earned that award? Zero. Not one.

I know the haters will try to poke holes in such an obvious move with excuses like "He's never even played football" or "He has a 43.5 field goal percentage, Josh Scobee and Blaine Gabbert are better than that" or even "The Magic suck," but they're ignoring the basics. He's a winner and he'll make Shad Khan money. Isn't that what this is all about?

Do the right thing, Jaguars. Why not?