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Jaguars: The Last of It

The end is near.

Rookie Safety Cyprien already tackles better than his predecessor Prosinski.
Rookie Safety Cyprien already tackles better than his predecessor Prosinski.
Mike Ehrmann

It's been a long time since someone asked me if I was a bandwagon fan when I mentioned that I rooted for the Jaguars. So long, in fact, that it may predate my access to NFL Sunday Ticket--the only way I could watch the Jaguars.

I do remember it, though. I remember having a finger pointed at me and being told that I was just rooting for a team that was good. Obviously this was because this Mississippi guy didn't like the losing Saints and wanted to root for a team with a cool helmet. Maybe they were right, but I was 11.

Maybe you've got weird stories of defending what reasons you rooted for the Jaguars when you were a kid. Regardless you more than likely have weird stories in your adult years of defending the team, and not just your rooting interests. Weird stories that involve: tarps, national media ignorance, twitter, Tebow, injuries in 2008 and more recently Tracy McGrady.

Just stop and think about that list. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!

Looking ahead a few years, we should be able to laugh at some of these stories (well hopefully). We could laugh at how absurd most of the stories were to begin with. We could compare why Tebow was force-fed to the Jaguars but for no reason at all the Vince Young-Movement died down in Texas. We could compare how the Buc's sell less tickets and how the Raiders have more tarps and how ludicrous the idea of a team in London is (mostly for travel purposes, I enjoy the Brits). We could look at how all these things were bestowed upon the Jaguars. It really sounds like a ten year old was locked in a basement and fed sportscenter, oreos and a Jags jersy. After three years he was asked what sounded fun. Upon replying Tebow to the Jags because of tarps and lack of ticket sales AND THEN!!! Guess what, Mom?!! They could move to London!

For what reason? No one knows.

Looking back though, it doesn't matter how I came to be a fan. It doesn't matter how you came to be a fan, it just matters that you are a fan.  I playfully tell friends that are Saints fans that it's too late for me to change teams now, I'm beyond committed. I would experience identity issues if I even pretended to root for another team. While true, I have to say that I stay because I enjoy the fanbase for the most part. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. There's never a dull moment, such as Tracy McGrady and I really had a good laugh.

I want to say that this fanbase has been through terrible things. The fanbase witnessed early promise turn sour because of cap misuse and then watched as that coach became amazing with another team.  Ouch!

The fanbase witnessed a coordinator have better success as a head coach with another team. This wasn't as bad but looking back.... Ouch!

The fanbase witnessed a team get old in a hurry because of bad drafting. The fanbase then seemed to collectively learn about the draft and how to harvest talent from a gm and a reporter who are no longer here. As if knowledge would help the team get better. In reality we just turned into knowledgeable fans of a losing team. I guess that could be worse.


The fanbase witnessed the career of one of the best running backs in the last ten years get completely wasted by having no talent anywhere near him.

The fanbase then got a new owner and things look up.

I've brought up how things look better many, many times and they really do. The play on the field doesn't look good but let's be honest here. This team needed at least 3 years when Khan, Caldwell and Bradley fully took over and that started in 2013. We are still in 2013. We are not even a quarter of the way through the first season and the "Rome Is Burning" calls have begun. Yes, it's bad. Yes, it's historically bad but these guys need multiple drafts to fix the football team. Adjust your expectations for this season and then raise them for the next season. Easier said than done but it's the best route.

I really think this may be one of the worst executing displays of football I have seen in a long, long time but I also really think this is the last of it. I think that we are witnessing how much needed to be fixed. The defense didn't look great but they certainly looked a lot better and that was the first problem the higher-ups with the team went after. There is marked improvement shown already. That means they know what they are doing. I even heard the Jaguars were planning on getting double digit sacks as a team this season.

Just wait, it will get better. This is the last of it.

Also, I might actually go to the draft in April. Teddy Bridgewater will look good in Black and Gold and Teal.