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Which Seattle Seahawks player should Jacksonville Jaguars fans want?

The Jaguars play the Seahawks in Week 3. If Jaguars fans could take one Seahawks player, who should it be?

Jonathan Ferrey

The Seattle Seahawks didn't look like they'd be as good as they are about a year ago when Matt Flynn was beat out for the starting quarterback role by a rookie third-round pick. Since then they've become a Super Bowl contender and have one of the best rosters in the NFL.

Particularly, strong for the Seahawks is their defense that finished the 2012 season with the fewest points allowed and currently leads the league in that category once again.

Which Seahawks player should Jaguars fans want right now?

As much as I'd like to delve deep into the Seahawks roster and really evaluate which player makes this team tick, the choice is pretty easy. The player that Jaguars fans should want is obviously Russell Wilson.

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Two games into his second season, Wilson hasn't quite looked as good as he did as a rookie, but in his defense, he had to start the season against some strong defensive fronts. Still, he's accumulated a 96.8 passer rating and is definitely a reason the Seahawks are 2-0. It's not hard to understand why a young, ascending superstar at quarterback would be a welcomed fit for the Jaguars.

PS: Welcome to our friends at Field Gulls who are reading this. Jaguars fans, that's your home for Seahawks info this week.

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