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Jaguars roster cuts 2013: Recapping getting to 53 players

The Jaguars had an unconventional method of getting to their final 53 players, and may not be finished yet.


The Jacksonville Jaguars turned over a good chunk of their roster through the offseason, draft, and on cut day. Dave Caldwell added 10 of the 53 players on the current final roster in the past week, beginning on Tuesday with some waiver claims and picking up free agent.

Compared to the 2012 roster, there are 27 26 new Jaguars players by my count on the final roster, and that's not counting players who were with the team in 2012 in a practice squad capacity. That's a roster turnover of 51 percent, so over half the roster has been replaced. That's a roster turnover of 49.1 percent, so essentially half the roster has been replaced.

"The mindset we had going into this was knowing we could take advantage of this No. 2 waiver spot in the hope that we're not here in the future," Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell said in a conference call on Sunday.

On Sunday, the Jaguars claimed seven new players, further changing the current 53-man roster and they undoubtedly will be potentially adding more on Monday with waiver claims and if/when players clear waivers.

"When we came in here, we wanted to upgrade our team speed," Caldwell said. "We didn't completely complete that in the offseason, but we did that today."

The majority of the players the Jaguars claimed and/or brought to the squad in the past few weeks are big athletes, definitely adding the speed the 2012 Jaguars team lacked.

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