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Jaguars QB Ricky Stanzi may be for more than just questioning about Chiefs offense

The Jacksonville Jaguars kept Ricky Stanzi on their final roster, in part because Dave Caldwell seems to like his ability as a player.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars made some interesting roster moves during the weekend to get down to 53 players, including a couple of surprise cuts in Kyle Love and Lonnie Pryor. One move the team didn't make however, that a lot of people thought they would, was not cutting former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Ricky Stanzi.

"He's very smart, very cerebral, understands the game of football, has very good leadership skills, has a strong arm, stands tall in the pocket," general manager Dave Caldwell told reporters when asked about the recently claimed quarterback. "And I think in this system, he can flourish like you've seen a couple of our other quarterbacks do."

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Stanzi has only played a handful of times in the preseason during his short NFL career. In the 2013 NFL preseason, Stanzi attempted just 12 passes, completing five of them for 42 yards. The Chiefs teams of the past two seasons seemed to refuse to trot him out during the regular season, even when it seemed like every other viable quarterback option was injured, such as when the team continuously played Tyler Palko at quarterback.

Perhaps Caldwell thinks a change of scenery can help the former Iowa quarterback to turn into something like potentially a long-term backup down the road, but it seems he might have been claimed for more than just picking his brain about the Chiefs offense.

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