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Not So Fast

This morning ESPN's Jaguars blogger released his mail bag. Near the end of his post he says, "I’m not on anybody’s side. I’m just doing my job. This is what I told Caldwell: “I will be fair. I’ll rip when I need to rip and praise when I need to praise. I won’t take cheap shots, either.” Just know that I have no control over what anyone else at ESPN writes or says. Sometimes national writers and experts will have opinions that Jaguars fans will hate, and those stories and videos will be posted on the blog. Sometimes I’ll have an opinion you hate. That’s OK. If you liked everything I wrote or said I wouldn’t be doing my job. Just know that I respect the fans’ opinions and welcome feedback -- negative or positive."

Brian Bahr

Well, Mike, Jaguars fans are not asking you to control the narrative that ESPN has so firmly in place. What we are asking is that when your company parades clowns like Brian Griese out on national TV to provide "takes" that are so blatantly false, you correct them. When national news leaders like Schefter mention "back the trucks up," do your part.

Simple retweeting without explanation of falsities behind the Tebow stories, posting that horrific segment yesterday and waiting hours to offer commentary on overtly false information is furthering the false narrative.

I would think that a journalist that is located in the city where ESPN struggles to get website hits would realize that a different voice is needed. ESPN does not struggle with Jaguar fan visits because there is a lack of Jaguar fan interest.  Big Cat Country typically does very well in unique visitors. Jacksonville is 32 out of 32 on ESPN in fan traffic because the information given is so absurd or biased that most passionate fans do not want to go to ESPN to be given false information.

Wednesday was a perfect example of what could be done. ESPN's blogger could have easily posted about Jacksonville's nearly ironclad lease, the renovations in the stadium, improved local relations, and the countless examples that show, louder than backhanded remarks from an increasingly biased "sports news" company, that the Jaguars are not backing up trucks anytime soon. Posting the clip without commentary further drives the wedge between passionate Jaguar fans and ESPN coverage.

Quit with the Tebow takes. Stop allowing falsities to skate by without account. Peer review your peers or continue on the path that you are on and have no faith in your reporting from the smaller and smaller contingent of fans that still read your blog. Your move, nephew.