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Jaguars vs. Seahawks 2013 final score: NFL's best team shockingly defeats NFL's worst, 45-17

The Jaguars scored more on the Seahawks than the 49ers could in Week 2. That is all.

Steve Dykes

Take it easy, Broncos fans, I just didn't feel like putting "arguably" in the headline. The Jacksonville Jaguars played exactly like everyone expected them to when they went against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3, struggling to move the ball for the majority of the game and falling, 45-17.

Leading the way for the Jaguars offense was quarterback Chad Henne, who dug an early hole for the Jaguars by a three-and-out on each of the team's first four offensive possessions. The Jaguars fell behind 31-0 as the defense struggled to stop the run of the Seahawks and had consistent pressure put on them from the offense's struggles.

The Jaguars managed to rally late in the game, scoring 17 garbage time points that really shouldn't inspire too much hope in the offense, but were at least a positive sign of functionality against a very solid Seattle unit.

As has been said in the first two weeks and will continue to be said, the rebuild of the franchise is going to be a process. Nothing is going to come easy and we're going to see a lot more games like this before it gets better.

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