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NFL waiver wire order changes on Tuesday

The NFL's waiver order changes on Tuesday, Sept. 24, meaning the Jaguars will no longer have the second overall spot.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have held the second overall spot in the NFL waiver wire order, meaning they had essentially the second pick on waived players who were not vested veterans.

That changes today.

Per the NFL calendar, the waiver order now changes from draft position to the inverse order of the team's current standing:

Sept. 24 - Beginning on the Tuesday following the third weekend of regular season games, the claiming priority is based on the inverse order of the standing of clubs in the current season's games.

So where are the Jaguars now picking in the waiver order? That depends on the tie breaking procedures, because as it stands right now there are six undefeated teams in the NFL.

If it's a tie breaker by point differential, the Jaguars would have the first spot in the waiver order.

It it's a tie breaker by strength of schedule, that should also put the Jaguars in the first spot, as their .508 SOS is higher than any of the other defeated teams.

Edit: Jaguars are fourth in the waiver order

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