Ask a Chiefs Fan, w/ your host NigerianNightmare

Matt Sullivan


NigerianNightmare here from Arrowhead Pride to discuss our upcoming game. The NFL season is finally upon us and in 5 days the Chiefs and the Jags will be sparring off in a deathmatch to the death (or at least the end of regulation).

It feels AWESOME to finally say true NFL football is upon us, but there's some problems on both sides. The Chiefs were 2-14 last year and the Jags were 2-14 as well. That means a whole lotta suck. But gosh darnit it's football whether we both were in the Conference game or both had the top two picks (it was the second one).

Both teams have gone through massive restructuring. J-Ville has hired Gus Bradley as head coach, who has moved the defense to a hybrid scheme that has good talent along the front with a little trouble as to who is Leo. KC hired Andy Reid to change to a West Coast offense and Bob Sutton as our DC, who runs a 3-4/46 defense (expect to get blitzed to sh*t). Not to mention the introduction of Alex Smith.

I believe there are a few questions I want to ask you. Firstly, how has Joeckel done? Fisher has been inconsistent, getting beaten by Haralsson after a shoulder injury at one point consistently then dominating LaMarr Woodley the next game, personally I still love that pick.

Second, how much has your defense changed? More blitzing, more pressure, better run defense?

Third, how much faith do you have with Gabbert facing a pressure defense?

Fourth, who was your camp/preseason standout? For us it was defensive tackle Dontari Poe, massive man who can get triple teamed and still get through blockers to make a play while also being able to chase down screens and reserves from behind. True monster this preseason, your interior line better strap up.

Fifth and final, how do you expect to do this year?

Go Chiefs, and lets hope for as few injuries as possible?

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