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Jaguars news roundup 9/30

Jacksonville Jaguars news around the internet you may have missed.

Sam Greenwood

Bradley: "We have to take it to the next level"

We’ll start with the obvious: What you read here may not make you happy, or make you feel better. Not if you’re a Jaguars fan wanting answers, or something to make you less frustrated, less angry, or more hopeful. An editorial won’t make you feel better. A website won’t make you feel better. Nothing today will make you feel much better. Not in the short-term. That’s because what was needed to make Jaguars fans feel better Sunday about the short-term wasn’t necessarily a victory, but something tangible, something showing improvement. A closer margin of defeat. A closer margin at halftime. Productivity. Fewer mistakes.

Jacksonville Jaguars can't afford for Cecil Shorts to struggle - ESPN

It was a rough day for Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Cecil Shorts on Sunday, and that’s something the Jaguars can’t afford. Shorts is the Jaguars’ only playmaker in the passing game, so when he struggles it virtually dooms their chances of having any kind of success. Shorts led the Jaguars with seven catches for 61 yards but he also had three drops, including one in which the ball bounced off his hands and was intercepted. "It’s frustrating," said Shorts, who was targeted 12 times in the Jaguars’ 37-3 loss to Indianapolis. "I didn’t have the day I wanted today, but bad days happen and that’s just part of the game. So I’m going to come back with my head high and ready to go this week and get ready to go to St. Louis Sunday."

Another tough day for Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert, but Gus Bradley standing behind him |

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert returned to the starting lineup Sunday after missing two games with a hand injury, but not much changed. The Jaguars struggled and Gabbert fell to 5-21 as a starter.He had three passes intercepted — including one returned for a touchdown — but all bounced off the hands of his receivers. Gabbert finished with 179 passing yards and posted a 30.6 passer rating in the 37-3 loss to Indianapolis.In his two starts, Gabbert has a 30.7 passer rating and five interceptions, including a pair of Pick-Sixes.

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