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What Kansas City Chiefs player is the Jaguars biggest concern?

There will be some interesting match ups on Sunday, but which Chiefs player is the biggest concern for the Jaguars?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have a couple of good match ups with the Kansas City Chiefs, some of which can be a huge concern in the game. The Chiefs have a nice duo of pass rushers in Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, but on the offensive side of the ball they have one of the most electric playmakers in the NFL in running back Jamaal Charles.

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Charles, for me, is the biggest worry on Sunday.

The Jaguars run defense should be improved from the 2012 season, but in the preseason teams were still able to threaten the edge running the ball and were more successful than you would like to see. For someone like Jamaal Charles, that's a huge concern.

Charles averages over five yards a carry for his career and is the type of player who can take the ball for a touchdown anytime he gets his hands on it, especially if you give him a crease. The biggest concern with Charles isn't just running the ball however, it's if he's out in space with the Jaguars linebackers catching the football.

The Jaguars linebackers right now are solid, but someone like Charles is a matchup nightmare in the open field for them.

So who's your biggest concern?

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