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Chiefs vs. Jaguars: Alex Smith, Gus Bradley have history

An overlooked match up between the Jaguars and Chiefs on Sunday is the history between Alex Smith and Gus Bradley.

Thearon W. Henderson

While the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs have a short and sporadic history, there is a really underrated history between the two teams that has not been talked up all that much.

The history between Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley and Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.

Both were in the NFC West last season and have faced each other multiple times since 2009. When going back and reviewing the games between the two, I was hoping to find some sort of trend in the match ups, but really the performances were all over the place.

Early on in the match ups, Smith actually appeared to have really good games against the Bradley coordinated Seahawks defenses, but that was also during the time in which Jim Mora Jr. was still the head coach. Once Pete Carroll took over and the Seahawks defense went to the scheme it has now, or at least a version of it, it began a downward trend for Smith's performance.

In the last three match ups between Smith and Bradley, Smith has thrown for over 150 yards just once and only has a single passing touchdown and an interception.

The overall record between the two is in the favor of Smith, 4-2, however I'd attribute that more to the overall 49ers team the past three years where Smith is 2-1. The last two meetings between the two have been the 49ers heavy on the run and lots of field goals.

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