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Chiefs vs. Jaguars: Maurice Jones-Drew's involvement underwhelming

In the Jaguars loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Maurice Jones-Drew touched the football just 15 times.

Mike Ehrmann

There's quite a bit to criticize about the Jacksonville Jaguars 28-2 loss against the Kansas City Chiefs, especially as far as how the players performed on the field. On the coaching side of things however, there was only one major criticism that I could think of when I was walking out of EverBank Field.

Why didn't Maurice Jones-Drew touch the ball more?

Jones-Drew had just 15 touches on the day, including just two touches on the Jaguars first three drives of the game.

On the day, Jones-Drew finished with just 15 carries for 45 yards and was targeted twice in the pass game with no receptions. He played only 46 of the offenses 74 possible snaps and seemed to come off the field on nearly every third down.

It appeared the Jaguars decided they would try to catch the Chiefs loading up the box early with quick passing and attempt to back them off, but it backfired as the team failed to get a first down and quickly found themselves in a hole, which resulted in the need for more passing.

Realistically, the Jaguars probably should have tried to cheat the Chiefs pass rush/blitzes with screens and draws rather than quick passing to back them off.

It's more about getting the ball in his hands, rather than just running him off-center. Jones-Drew has the ability to make plays in space, but it's likely it wouldn't have mattered with how the offensive line as a whole played.

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