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The road not taken: taking the path less travelled and staying #DTWD

Okay, y'all. I've given myself 24 hours to vent, to rant, to tweet at half our roster asking if someone could take a few snaps… Hell, I even asked Tony Khan how his spiral looked. God, I hit a scary place last night.

Sam Greenwood

I was sad yesterday, y'all. Real sad. I thought this roster was better than it was. I thought we were a team that could get five, even six wins this season. I thought Blaine legitimately had a chance to make selecting a first-round quarterback a tough decision in 2014.


So here I stand, nearly 24 hours later, out from what Saint John of the Cross would call "La noche oscura del alma" -- a dark night of the soul. The shadows of yesterday afternoon represent hardship and difficulty. But on the other side of that dark night is hope. A silhouette of Gus, Dave and Shad standing upon a distant hill and raising their battle axes against the rising sun is all I see, y'all.

We knew what we signed up for when we were adopted into Generation Jaguar, didn't we? We are are nieces and nephews in the family of Khan. We walk a road less travelled and we must continue to choose that road, even after days like yesterday. Why? Because love is deeper than that. Faith is deeper than that. Trust in the men running the ship is deeper than that.

Walk that road not taken, y'all.

Two roads diverged in a teal wood,
No way that I could travel both.
We'd faced defeat just yesterday,
Which tempted me a choice to make
To trod the path of ache and woe.

The other looked less used, I'm sure.
Few walked this path, I thought aloud.
It was the way to choose in love
That Khan and Dave were worthy of
Fulfillment of our Duval vows.

And yet, this morn' it is quite clear
A choice of paths before us lies:
Shall we walk today in gloom,
Marching, marching to our tomb?
Or are we Duval 'Til We Die?

I shall be telling with a shout
To sons and daughters born of me hence:
Two roads diverged in a teal wood,
I, yes I, took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.