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Grade the Jacksonville Jaguars performance against the Kansas City Chiefs

The Jaguars went down 28-2 against the Chiefs, let's grade how they did.

Sam Greenwood

The new look Jacksonville Jaguars looked as bad as the old look Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, scoring just two points off a blocked punt early in the game. The Jaguars offense was abysmal, the defense was solid, and special teams were up and down.

Offensive grade: F

This was truly a pathetic performance, especially on the offensive side of the ball for the Jaguars. Blaine Gabbert struggled and looked confused much of the day and there were quite a few passing plays where there were obvious miscommunications with the receivers.

The offensive line was a sieve up the middle against the Chiefs defense. Eugene Monroe played well, but his performance was buried with the rest of the offensive line play.

The receivers dropped passes, looked as if they ran the wrong route at times, and the running backs struggled to get much of anything going. Overall it was one of the worst offensive performances I've ever seen.

Defensive grade: B-

This might seem really high, but I really thought the defense played well considering how bad the offense was and how much they had to be on the field. The pass rush was a big issue for the team, but they did an OK job bottling up Jamaal Charles and limiting him to just 4.3 yards per carry, well under his career average.

The secondary limited Alex Smith to mostly short passing, as he attempted just eight passes over 10 yards in the air.

The defense did about the best they could given the situation, as two of the Chiefs three scoring drives were off field position starting them essentially in the redzone.

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