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Brett Favre A No-Brainer For The Jaguars

The Jaguars are losers. Brett Favre is a winner.

Peter Brouillet-US PRESSWIRE

Somewhere in Hattiesburg, Mississippi sit a man that knows about winning. A man, probably sitting on his made-in-America John Deere riding mower, that knows what it takes to win in the National Football League. That man, with his trademark grin and stick-to-it-veness, is the spark that the Jacksonville Jaguars so desperately need. That man is Brett Lorenzo Favre.

The Jaguars are facing adversity? Well that's great, because Brett Favre knows how to face adversity. Noted loser Jerry Glanville thought Brett Favre couldn't be an NFL quarterback. Glanville traded that QB to Green Bay for a first round pick and has since been seen on the sidelines of Portland State University. Boy did Favre prove Glanville wrong! You can say that as Glanville sent Favre to the Packers, Favre sent Glanville packing out of the NFL. To Portland State.

Once at Green Bay, Favre became America's quarterback since the guy is just a winner and America loves winners. And boy did Favre win a whole mess of football games. Brett Favre won the most games in the NFL as a quarterback. 186! That's more wins than the Jaguars have as a franchise(140)!!!!! Brett Favre has won more games in his career than the Jacksonville Jaguars have in its entire existence.

Brett Favre has been to the promised land of the NFL. He has held and caressed the Lombardi Trophy in his hands after a Super Bowl. Can't say that bout Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne. You want records, Favre broke records like it was his job:

Favre is a proven winner and that's what Jacksonville needs. A Jaguar in the wild can't lose on the football field of the jungle or else that Jaguar would go hungry. Brett Favre as a Jaguar would never go hungry in the jungle that is the football field. A quarterback of his stature and gravitas and ability is exactly what the Jaguars need. Favre will be a role model for both Gabbert and Henne and heck, even Matt Scott. Sign him up, Caldwell. The Jaguars need a winner. Brett Favre is a winner.

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