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NFL free agency 2014: Jaguars will add talent at RB

Whether Maurice Jones-Drew returns to the Jaguars in 2014 or not, the Jaguars will be on the hunt for new talent at the running back position during the offseason.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The running back position for the Jacksonville Jaguars has been set for nearly the entire history of the franchise, as Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew have dominated the carries for more than a decade. However, Jones-Drew's time with the team may be coming to a close, and even if it isn't, the future of the position is certainly in doubt.

Returning Running Backs

Justin Forsett, 28, $1.25M cap hit in 2014

Denard Robinson, 23, $584K cap hit in 2014

Delone Carter, 26, $645K cap hit in 2014

Shaun Chapas, 25, signed a futures contract in December

Departing Running Backs

Maurice Jones-Drew, 28, UFA

Jordan Todman, 23, RFA

Will Ta'ufo'ou (FB), 27, ERFA

Potential Free Agent Targets

Darren McFadden, 26

Donald Brown, 26

Ben Tate, 25

Knowshon Moreno, 26

LeGarrette Blount, 27

It's hard to predict what the Jaguars will do in free agency until they make some decisions with the players still on roster. It appears as though they will let Jones-Drew reach free agency, but that doesn't necessarily mean his time with the team is done, as he could still come back if he doesn't receive the contract offers he believes he will.

The same can't be said for Justin Forsett, who looks like he'll be gone after just six carries with the team. Jordan Todman would seem to be a player that the Jaguars would want to keep around for another year after a solid season in 2013.

Still, that leaves the Jaguars with a need at the position that they could definitely fill in the 2014 NFL Draft, but might also look to address in free agency.