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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Jaguars pass on a QB?

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In the latest mock draft from Mocking The Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars by pass a quarterback for a pass rusher.

Sean Gardner

The mock drafts are starting to come hot and heavy now that we're to the middle of January and the college all-star game circuit. In the latest mock draft from Matthew Fairburn of Mocking the Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars make an interesting choice but one I feel is logical.

In his latest mock, Fairburn has both Teddy Bridgewater and Jadeveon Clowney gone in the first two picks leaving the Jaguars with a choice between a pass rusher and a quarterback. His decision I'm sure will upset a few, but I think he made the right choice.

3. Jacksonville JaguarsKhalil Mack, Linebacker/Defensive End, Buffalo: The top two players on the Jaguars' wish list are off the board. Quarterback and pass rusher are their two biggest needs, and with the No. 3 pick it's possible they will have to settle for the second best at one of those positions. Will general manager David Caldwell feel comfortable enough with any of the quarterbacks available to pull the trigger at No. 3? My early guess is that he will not. Unless Bridgewater falls to this pick or Jacksonville is able to move up to get him, the Jaguars may end up waiting to address the need at quarterback.

Instead, they get our highest-rated edge rusher besides Clowney. Buffalo's Khalil Mack was dominant as a senior, and a strong showing at the Senior Bowl could push him toward the top five. He would fit perfectly on Jacksonville's defense as an LEO.

I think Mack definitely fits the Jaguars defensive scheme and could be an instant impact and building block going forward.