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Jaguars coaches declined interviews with other teams, says Gus Bradley

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On his weekly Thursday night radio show, Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley revealed that rival teams wanted to interview several of the coaches for positions on their staffs. The coaches, not Bradley, declined even to talk with the teams.

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In 2013, the Jacksonville Jaguars didn't win until a Week 9 visit to Nashville, the injuries piled up in the second half of the season, and media pundits railed on this team for most of the year -- calling them one of the worst in the NFL's history.

And yet, surprisingly, this is the most energetic and upbeat the Jaguars have been in a long while.

Players have nothing but positive things to say about Bradley and the way things are headed, Bradley, general manager Dave Caldwell and owner Shad Khan exude confidence, and fans are optimistic in Duval. It's apparent to many that Gus Bradley has significantly changed the culture surrounding the team... so much so that when former Jaguars defensive linemen and co-host Jeff Lageman asked if Bradley had been contacted yet to interview one of his staff members, Bradley responded:

"Yeah, for a couple of positions. I won't get into names, but it's been really cool because both coaches turned them down. We just had one today, that a team asked permission to talk to him and he wanted to stay. It's great."

It was a quick note at the end of the radio show, but it's indicative of where this franchise is headed. Fans have been excited all year, knowing that success is just around the corner. Now we know that coaches are feeling that way too and want to stick around for the fun.