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2014 Senior Bowl roster: Jaguars working with the South Team

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The Jacksonville Jaguars will be working with the South Team in the 2014 Reese's Senior Bowl. Here is a list of all players currently scheduled to attend.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl is comprised of the top seniors from college football who are entering the NFL Draft. It offers the Jacksonville Jaguars a fantastic opportunity to get some insight on players with hands-on instruction and coaching for a full week of practice.

The Jaguars will be the coach of the South Team while the Atlanta Falcons will be the coach of the North Team. They two teams have not been divided up yet however, as the game is still waiting on some official invites to be declined or accepted.

Typically the teams are broken up by geographic region of the school, but in a lot of cases it's also based on where the player is from if they need to even out the sides.

While the teams haven't been broken down yet, here is a full list of players expected to attend:

When the teams are further split into the North/South rosters we will bring you an update detailing the roster the Jaguars will be coaching, including players they could be very interested in.

If there are players who have accepted an invite and are not listed here, please feel free to note it in the comments.