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Paul Posluszny drafted by Team Sanders in 2014 Pro Bowl

Jaguars linebacker Paul Posluszny found out on Wednesday night that he was selected by Team Sanders for the 2014 Pro Bowl, playing alongside Jamaal Charles, Andrew Luck, DeSean Jackson (who was selected after Posluszny) and Terrell Suggs.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Since 1971, Pro Bowl players have represented their respective conferences, but this year all the players are put into one pot and squads were selected in a draft conducted by team captains Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders.

Posluszny wasn't an original starter for the Pro Bowl, but when 49ers linebackers Patrick Willis withdrew due to injury, the Jaguars inside linebacker was the first alternate.

Last year rules would have prohibited Posluszny from going to Hawaii because Willis plays in the NFC and therefore his alternate would have come from the NFC. But because of the aforementioned rules changes, Posluszny was extended an invitation.

Posluszny, who led the Jaguars in 2013 with 161 total tackles and seven tackles for a loss, is the first Jaguars linebacker to play in the Pro Bowl since Kevin Hardy was selected in 1999.

He's also the only player to have intercepted both quarterbacks playing in the Super Bowl this year, as he picked off Russell Wilson in Week 3 and returned a Peyton Manning interception for a touchdown in Week 6.