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Senior Bowl 2014: Gus Bradley press conference notes

Notes from Gus Bradley's post-practice press conference at the 2014 Senior Bowl

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Q: Can you walk us through the catch-up process when an alternate comes in in the middle of the week?

BRADLEY: They’ve come in with great attitudes. They’re great guys. We’re watching those guys too because what a challenge for them to come in and catch up on all the learning in such a short period of time. That’s what I talked to them about. I said "this is a good thing. You come in here, and if you can pick it up that quickly and go out and perform, what a feather in your hat." They’ve taken on the challenge.

Q: Can you tell us your thoughts on Mike Davis from Texas?

BRADLEY: He’s done a nice job. You know who’s really taken a liking to him is Jerry Sullivan, our wide receivers coach. Jerry is a guy that when we hired him, I got a lot of phone calls saying he’s one of the best. I know Jerry has worked with him about technique on the field. (Mike Davis) has gravitated towards that and had an even better practice today. It’s been good. It’s so key to be around these guys for a week and have the one-on-one conversation.

Q: Seeing the quarterbacks off the field, how much have you seen of their leadership skills?

BRADLEY: A couple of them, I won’t point them out, I know they’ve gone up and spent time with the offensive line. They see them in meetings and on the field and just go and talk to them. Those are things we are watching. One in particular did that and it caught our eye and it caught our offensive line coach’s eye.

Q: What do you think of Jerick McKinnon and coming in here and be a running back all of a sudden after being a wishbone quarterback.

BRADLEY: He had a nice long run down the sideline today. That’s what it is. It’s so much fun for me to see these guys come in here and compete. The challenge is sometime there’s an injury that takes place and it really is unfortunate but this group hasn’t slowed down. He’s a prime example. He is competing every day. Both the kids from Georgia Southern have done a nice job. We were down to three corners and the challenge is always that this is going on tape now and there’s only three corners and it’s our job for them to see it in highlight and when we go back and forth, they can’t help but get tired and they’re putting that on tape and it looks like they’re getting beat but you don’t know on tape that there’s only three of them. We’re really trying to take care of these guys. We know the sole objective is to put them in highlight and those guys jumped in even though they were tired and went and competed their tails off. I hope teams see that in them.