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2014 Super Bowl XLVIII commercials: The Muppets and Terry Crews

Someone has found a way to combine The Muppets and Terry Crews into a Super Bowl ad.

One of the best parts of the Super Bowl has been how the ads during the big game continuously try to one-up each other and the ads from past years. A recent "ad star" I guess you can call him is Terry Crews, who famously made some of the funniest commercials with his run with Old Spice.

He's back in a new Super Bowl commercial paired with The Muppets, so it's obviously going to be awesome.

I don't currently own a Toyota so I'm not going to shill for a company, I'll just laugh at their commercial because it combines The Muppets and Terry Crews. Then again if they want to give me a Toyota I will say they are awesome too.