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The Jaguars Robocop: Which player would you turn into a robot?

RoboCyp would be a devastating force in the Jaguars secondary.


The remake of Robocop is less than two weeks away and the movie wants to know which Jacksonville Jaguars player fans would turn into a robot so they could play forever. My choice: RoboCyp.

Johnathan Cyprien was selected with the first pick of the second round in the 2013 NFL Draft and immediately intrigued fans with his impressive blend of size and speed in offseason workouts.


As a rookie, Cyprien started all but one game during the 2013 season at strong safety, but got off to a really slow start with the team. However, his improvement through the air was drastic and by the end of the season he was a very solid starter for the team.

That sets Cyprien up for an even better season in 2014, but wouldn't it be nice if his speed and hard-hitting abilities could be preserved forever in robot form? With RoboCyp, the Jaguars would have a presumably harder hitting version of Cyprien, who would roam the Jaguars secondary for years and years to come.

Would you RoboCop-ify someone else on the team? Sorry, RoboTeddy doesn't count.