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NFL free agency 2014: Jaguars will be thin at QB

The Jaguars quarterback position could look drastically different to start the 2014 season and that's not a bad thing.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the Jacksonville Jaguars need an upgrade at the quarterback position, but it's unlikely to come from free agency. Given how the Jaguars contracts are currently setup however, it's possible that the only returning quarterback for the 2014 NFL season is good ol' Ricky Stanzi.

Returning Quarterbacks

Blaine Gabbert, 24, $3.8 million cap hit in 2014 (same dead if released)

Ricky Stanzi, 26, cap hit unknown, but minimal

Matt Scott, 23, signed to futures deal

Departing Quarterbacks

Chad Henne, 28, UFA

Potential Free Agent Targets

Tarvaris Jackson, 30

Josh Freeman, 25

I obviously didn't include certain free agent quarterbacks like Michael Vick or Matt Cassel, because I don't think they're options to be signed. This also means that Henne might legitimately be the best option in free agency going forward as a veteran backup, unless the Jaguars want to bring in someone like Tarvaris Jackson.

I ultimately think what happens is the Jaguars re-sign Henne, draft a quarterback in the first two rounds and release Gabbert post-draft. Then Stanzi and Scott battle it out for the third quarterback position.