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Which Steelers player should Jacksonville Jaguars fans want?

Jacksonville is coming home in Week 5 to meet an old rival from the days of the AFC Central. If Jaguars fans could take one player off Pittsburgh's roster, who would it be?

Gregory Shamus

The Jacksonville Jaguars linebacking corps and secondary is in need of some help, as I think the defensive line has done an adequate job given their personnel. But with the Pittsburgh Steelers and a slumping secondary coming to town, I don't think there's much that can be done to fix that side of the ball by plucking one guy off their roster.

That leaves the offense. Blake Bortles is everything we want and more in a quarterback, and I think when right tackle Austin Pasztor returns he will only improve an offensive line that is slowly coming together. The running game is also slowly improving as Denard Robinson gets more carries, so that leaves one position: wide receiver.

Which Steelers player should Jaguars fans want right now?

The second half of last week's 33-14 loss to the San Diego Chargers showed a few things, but what stuck out to me is that defenses will sit on underneath routes until the offense can consistently hit the intermediate and deep passes.

To keep opposing defenses on their heels, I'm going to take Antonio Brown.

A sixth-round pick in 2010, Brown has been a consistent deep threat for the Steelers through the first four weeks of the season. His 427 yards is almost double what the second-leading receiver has on the team, and he's accumulated 10 plays (nine receptions, one rush) over 23 yards.

Who would you take? Let us know in the comments below!