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Logan gets his Jaguars football

Jaguars Twitter came together and helped Logan get a new Jaguars football!

Monday evening I saw a tweet in the #Jaguars search column I keep open on Tweetdeck about a mother trying to find a new Jacksonville Jaguars football for her child Logan, who also happens to have autism. Knowing some children with autism, I know how special some things can be to them so I wanted to help get the word out.

I felt like this was a good chance for Jaguars fans so quickly act and help out a fellow fan and thanks to multiple people, including John Phillips, Logan got himself a brand new teal and black football.

Thanks to everyone who quickly reached out and offered help for Logan. Looks like he loves his new Jaguars football.

Not only did Logan get a new football, but Jaguars long snapper Carson Tinker saw what we were doing and reached out as well, so it looks like Logan's going to come out a big winner on this.

Good job, everyone.