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Jaguars vs. Titans: Second half and postgame live blog

Here's your open discussion thread to talk about anything and everything during the second half of the Jaguars and Titans matchup in Week 6.

Wesley Hitt

It's halftime of the Week 6 matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. The Jaguars may be down at halftime, but it's anything but an insurmountable lead -- especially against a team led by a passer as inconsistent as Charlie Whitehurst.

Bortles is 11-for-14 for 134 yards at the half despite poor offensive line performance and running backs that have just 17 yards on 12 carries.

The second half is almost here. How do you think the Jaguars are going to close out this game?

Live blog:

4:12 PM: go jagwars good night good luck

4:09 PM: *sad fart*

4:01 PM: Blake Bortles connects with Clay Harbor for a 20-yard touchdown with 37 seconds left!

3:17 PM: Two-possession game.

3:10 PM: Upon a second look, Blake Bortles doesn't look to be at fault during that third quarter interception.

3:00 PM: This is a valid question.

2:53 PM: Titans open the scoring of the second half. Still a one-possession game.

2:31 PM: Second half is under way!

2:21 PM: Chris Clemons (and a solid spin move) closes out the first half with a sack. Jaguars down 10-7 to the Titans.

2:14 PM: A fullback. A Titans fullback.

2:01 PM: If you're going to draft a punter in the third round, he better damn well be the best punter in the game. Bryan Anger is... not.

1:49 PM: God bless you, Andre Branch.

1:48 PM: The @jaguars Twitter account is tweeting out pictures of windmills and I can't even.

1:39 PM: With his second reception of the day, rookie Allen Robinson did something VERY IMPORTANT.

1:29 PM: Bend but don't break, Jaguars. Bend but don't break.

1:28 PM: Johnathan Cyprien forced a third-and-goal on the Titans' first trip to the red zone with a CYP GO BOOM kind of hit.

1:14 PM: Woooooooooooooooooooo!

1:09 PM: Jaguars up 7-0 on the Titans after Storm Johnson's first career touchdown -- a 1-yard push into the end zone!

1:01 PM: Hooked on phonics can work for you, CBS.

12:38 PM: Self-explanatory.

12:36 PM: Same.

12:01 PM: It's no 2013, but still a respectable showing from Jaguars fans and Bold City Brigade faithful.

11:41 AM: Here's your list of inactives today for the Jaguars vs. Titans game:

Jacksonville Jaguars:
WR Mike Brown
RB Toby Gerhart
CB Jeremy Harris
LB Jeremiah George
G Tyler Shatley
OT Sam Young
WR Tavarres King

Tennessee Titans:
QB Jake Locker
RB Shonn Greene
CB Coty Sensabaugh
CB Brandon Ghee
LB Akeem Ayers
TE Taylor Thompson
TE Craig Stevens

11:36 AM: Our future is in good hands.

11:35 AM: Jaguars will be starting Storm Johnson (over Denard Robinson and Jordan Todman) and Demetrius McCray (over Dwayne Gratz) against the Titans today!

8:00 AM: Not in the mood for the Jaguars game? This will get you in the mood. Oh yeah.

7:55 AM: All-black uniforms. Appropriate.