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Brandon Marshall throws shade on Chad Henne

The Chicago Bears wide receiver didn't seem to think highly of his former Dolphins teammate.

Rob Carr

Once upon a time Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne and Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall were teammates on the Miami Dolphins, but Marshall apparently didn't think very much of his former signal caller.

"We were a quarterback away from having a team," Marshall told South Florida reporters on a conference call as the Bears get ready to face the Dolphins. "Our defense were studs. Offensively ... I really thought we had a young group of guys that could have done some special things if we came together. Unfortunately, we didn't have that opportunity."

Before being signed by the Jaguars in the 2012 offseason, Henne started 31 games for the Dolphins with a 13-18 record.

Marshall and Henne spent nearly three seasons together before Henne was put on injured reserve with a shoulder injury in 2011, but it's pretty clear from his comments he felt like Henne was holding back the Dolphins from winning more than they did.

Having watched Chad Henne quarterback 22 starts for the Jaguars and picking up just five wins... I feel you, Brandon.