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Jaguars will hand out teal towels to fans on Sunday

The Jaguars plan to hand out teal towels to fans on Sunday, which isn't a great idea.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars plan to hand out teal colored hand towels on Sunday to fans when they walk into EverBank Field to watch the team take on the Cleveland Browns, according to a source with the team. The hand towel is teal with the Jaguars and Publix logos.

It's not uncommon for the team to hand out "swag" before kickoff such as Jaguars/sponsor branded backpacks, visors or sunglasses. The team has handed out towels before, but given the situation after the last home game it seems like a bad idea.

Aside from the obvious appearance of trying to mimic the Pittsburgh Steelers "terrible towel", this is the home game following the situation with Jaguars mascot Jaxson DeVille and his ebola joke that sent a lot of people into a fit about an insensitive joke.

While getting free stuff on game day is always nice and appreciated, giving out teal towels after you play the Steelers, against an AFC North opponent and after the whole "towels carry ebola" sign it just seems ill-thought out.

Please don't give out teal towels. That's Pittsburgh's thing.