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Jaguars vs. Browns: What the heck happened on that failed fourth down play?

In the fourth quarter of Sunday's matchup, Browns head coach Mike Pettine again made a controversial call on fourth down to go for it and the Jaguars again forced it. But why did it look so confusing?

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense carried the team to victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. With only six points, a 4-for-17 third down efficiency, and 2.3 yards per carry average, the Browns offense was stifled from the start.

But the three (yes, three) fourth down stops showed just how dominating the Jaguars defense was and how inept the Browns playcalling turned out to be... and that was never more evident than the call to go for it at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

With the ball just past midfield, the Browns faced 4th-and-5. Understandably, both punt teams trotted onto the field, but head coach Mike Pettine switched it at the last moment and the offense ran back onto the field. Andrew Catalon of CBS described it as "a hockey line change" and that's exactly what it looked like.

As Jaguars defenders struggled to strap on their helmets and get into position, the Browns snapped the ball and ran a single-back option to the right. Here's the video. (It's a fairly large GIF, so give it a few seconds.)


Afterwards, Pettine offered a very simple explanation: Hoyer and the offense made a mistake.

"We were just trying to catch them in a substitution ... and I don't know how it was communicated, but the ball was not supposed to be snapped," Pettine told "It was supposed to be either an offsides or a timeout."

The best part about this play is that Dekoda Watson (No. 57) is running off the field as fast as he can because he believes he's the 12th man. Nope, the Jaguars had 11 players originally and they made this stop with 10 guys on the field.

Also, we give Paul Posluszny a lot of grief, but the dude shot through the run gap and dragged Ben Tate down while barking out signals and strapping on his helmet.

Much grit. So wow. Many excite.