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Browns running back says Jaguars 'wanted it more'

According to a Browns rookie, the Jaguars just "wanted it more" than Cleveland on Sunday.

Rob Foldy

The Jacksonville Jaguars took control of the game on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns right before halftime and rookie running back Terrance West admitted the Jaguars just wanted it more than they did.

"They wanted it more than we did," West told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

There was a feeling that the Jaguars were close to turning the corner after an 0-6 start and part of that was because the Jaguars didn't seem like they had "quit" in any of their games, no matter the score. It appears that showed up Sunday and Browns players noticed it.

"We looked like the 0-6 team, and they looked like the 3-2 team," West continued. "That was the big difference. They just had more plays. The team that had the better plays, big plays are going to come out with a win, and that's what happened yesterday. Their fans, they were in the game."

The Browns rushing attack was shutdown on Sunday as the team finished with just 69 rushing yards and averaged a paltry 2.3 yards per carry. West admitted losing Mack was a big blow to the Browns offense, but also noted that it probably wouldn't have made a difference with how Jacksonville was playing.