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NFL trade deadline 2014: Will the Jaguars make a deal?

The NFL trade deadline is a few days away, will the Jacksonville Jaguars make any moves?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets recently made a trade with the Seattle Seahawks for wide receiver Percy Harvin, to the shock of almost everyone, reminding fans that the NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching. On the close of business (4 p.m. EST) on Tuesday Oct. 28, the NFL trade deadline will pass and rosters will be locked in, sans free agent moves.

The question is: Will the Jacksonville Jaguars make any trades before the deadline?

The answer is: Probably not.

The Jaguars appear to be committed to primarily building through the NFL Draft, which means that general manager Dave Caldwell is going to likely want to keep the vast majority of his draft picks. Not only that, but most of the players you can get on the cheap at the deadline end up being a big gamble or a "rental" for just a season.

There was some talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars sniffing around Baltimore Ravens linebacker Arthur Brown, who's yet to play a snap for the Ravens this season, because he's young and doesn't appear to be a fit in Baltimore. That move looks like something the Jaguars should actually look at after the injury to linebacker Paul Posluszny sidelining him for the year.

The move is still rather unlikely though, partially because it's not really going to make an immediate impact. If the Jaguars were to make a trade for anyone, it's likely going to take a few weeks for them to get acclimated to the Jaguars scheme/learn the playbook and it's not like Jacksonville will be in contention for the playoffs.

On the flip side, the Jaguars don't appear to really have anyone with trade value that a team might want to come and get. Your best options here are probably Cecil Shorts III, but really is getting something like a fifth round pick or later worth it to lose Shorts, who the team has said they'd like to re-sign? You could shop Toby Gerhart too with some of the running back injuries I guess, but he hasn't really shown much and is coming off an injury.

I'd expect it to be a quiet trade deadline for the Jacksonville Jaguars.