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Analyzing both of Blake Bortles' interceptions vs. Dolphins

The No. 3 overall draft pick had a bad, bad day at the office on Sunday against the Dolphins. Let's look at his two interceptions to see what went wrong and where he can get better.

Rob Foldy

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Blake Bortles threw two interceptions against a Miami Dolphins secondary that is stout against the pass, allowing less than 210 yards per game coming into the game.

But where the Dolphins haven't necessarily been all that gifted is in creating turnovers, with their secondary intercepting just four passes prior to their Week 8 matchup at EverBank Field. That total was bumped up to six after two costly pick-six interceptions by Bortles.

Interception #1

The first interception was a clear mistake by Bortles. Dolphins safety Louis Delmas was originally covering wide receiver Cecil Shorts III (No. 84) on the flat route. But when Bortles locked in on tight end Nic Jacobs (No. 85) he reacted to Bortles wind up, which was longer and slower due to the fact that he was rolling to his left and throwing across his body, and pounced on the route.

Here's another angle that shows what Bortles probably saw -- Jacobs with green grass in front of him and Delmas coming out of nowhere.

Interception #2

This one is a bit more debatable as to whose fault it is, because Bortles looks to be throwing a back-shoulder throw to Shorts, who is running a different route entirely.

After the game, head coach Gus Bradley said the interception could have been prevented by Bortles "just making good decisions" so I'd have to assume that the immediate reaction was that it wasn't on Shorts.