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Jaguars vs. Bengals fantasy football: Denard Robinson, Allen Robinson, and Clay Harbor

While the Jaguars offense continues to stumble, there are a few players who are consistently having good fantasy years. And the Bengals defense is giving up yards and touchdowns in bunches.

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Rob Foldy

Take away the Jacksonville Jaguars win against the Cleveland Browns in Week 7 and the team is averaging just under 13 points per game. Although yards are there, the team is struggling to find a way to get into the end zone.

But it's the same players who are getting touchdowns and yards with the Jaguars, and that's an encouraging thought going into a week where the Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, and Tennessee Titans are all on a bye.

Denard Robinson is the first guy you need to pick up if you lack at running back. He's the starter going forward for the Jaguars and no one else even comes close. Heck, Toby Gerhart, who came into the season as the starter, had just 16 snaps last week and four of them were pass protection.

Not only that, but the Bengals defense loves giving up rushing touchdowns. In every game except for Week 2, they've given up at least one touchdown on the ground. Last week, they gave up two. With how well the offensive line is playing right now, getting Denard would be a good idea.

Allen Robinson is still the most consistent receiver the Jaguars have had all season. He leads the team in targets (63), receptions (39), and yards (453) and no one else really comes close. And like the run defense, the Bengals pass defense has been porous most of the season. They shut down Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens last week, but in the three weeks before that they were giving up an average of 306.7 yards and two touchdowns in the air per game. Whew.

That's also why I have hope for tight end Clay Harbor. He's fourth on the team with targets and tied with Allen Hurns for second in receptions. Again, except for last week, the Bengals give up the majority of their passing yards to tight ends as opposed to wide receivers or running backs.

Denard Robinson is currently owned in only 16.4% of leagues, Allen Robinson is currently owned in 3.8% of leagues, and Clay Harbor is owned in just 0.3% of leagues.

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