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Jaguars use 'Game of Thrones' intro video on new scoreboard

The Jaguars used a neat "Game of Thrones" style video on Sunday against the Dolphins.

On Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars used a "Game of Thrones" style introduction video before kickoff and the introduction of the home team against the Miami Dolphins. The video starts just like the HBO show does, with the message "We believe in victory", which has been an adopted chant for the Jaguars modeled after the USMNT's chant for the World Cup.

Then it goes to the map like the HBO show entrance, which has EverBank Field placed where Storm's End would be then moves to seeing Will Blackmon and Jaguars defenders walking what would be beyond The Wall. The video continues on with some highlights from the team's first win in the previous week against the Cleveland Browns set to the "Game of Thrones" intro music and ends with the Jaguars shield logo.

A lot of people might not have gotten what they did with the video, but if you're a big "Game of Thrones" nerd like me, you loved it.