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Dick Lebeau cautions Steelers defense about Allen Hurns and Blake Bortles

In his weekly press conference to the media, Pittsburgh defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau singled out rookies Allen Hurns and Blake Bortles as potential problems for the Steelers on Sunday.

Stephen Dunn

The Jacksonville Jaguars are averaging just 14.5 points per game, but Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau doesn't automatically believe his team is going to have an easy time on Sunday.

In his weekly remarks to the media, Lebeau singled out rookies Allen Hurns and Blake Bortles as potential challenges for the Steelers defense, specifically his secondary.

"They’re kind of a big strike team, gimmick if you will. [They run] a lot of double routes, a lot of moving the quarterback, one play sets up another play. They have a very athletic quarterback no matter which one of them is in there. They move well. They have a lot of big strike plays. Their one receiver [Allen Hurns] is I think is second in the league in yards per catch. They’re getting the ball up the field. That’s what we can’t allow."

Currently, Hurns is second in the league with 21.2 yards per catch even with only 24 targets and 12 receptions. The only receiver faring better is Michael Floyd of the Arizona Cardinals, who's averaging 22.9 yards per catch.

Bortes is also near the top of the league when it comes to efficiency, completing 70.5 percent of his passes -- third-best in the league behind Austin Davis of the St. Louis Rams (72.3%) and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints (71.4%).

"I think the sky is the limit for this guy. He’s a creator. There was a play in the game last week where the protection completely broke down and he was actually rolling into an unblocked player. He did something that very few people can do. He made the guy miss. He didn’t even know he was there until the last second, reversed his field, got away and then threw a perfect 35-yard pass. You only have to see that one play like that to recognize that the guy has tremendous talent. He just has a feel for the position and he’s going to be an excellent player."

I believe this is going to be a shootout, which is the best chance the Jaguars have of winning the game, with both Bortles and twin Ben Roethlisberger attacking each other's secondaries throughout the game.