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Which Cincinnati Bengals player should Jaguars fans want?

The Jaguars are visiting the Bengals for their Week 9 matchup in hopes of getting back on track after a disappointing loss to the Dolphins. If Jacksonville could take one player off Cincinnati's roster, who would it be?

Joe Robbins

The Jacksonville Jaguars have suffered several injuries on the defensive side of the ball and no position group is immune.

Defensive end Andre Branch is out until the end of November, middle linebacker Paul Posluszny is on injured reserve, and cornerback Alan Ball is also out for the season. Nickel cornerback Will Blackmon is out temporarily with a broken finger, and Dwayne Gratz has gone back and forth since suffering a concussion in the season opener.

But even with all the deficiencies on defense, when there's a guy like A.J. Green available, you don't pass him up.

The former first-round draft pick is a two-time All-Pro wide receiver, a true No. 1, and has proven he can carry a receiving game -- and he has less than four seasons to his name. I'm taking Green and letting rookie quarterback Blake Bortles learn how to be an NFL quarterback from a receiving corps that includes A.J. Green, Allen Robinson, and Cecil Shorts III.

However, if I had to take a player for just one game, it'd probably be cornerback Terrance Newman. Having cornerbacks Alan Ball and Will Blackmon both out is, well, not good. I think right now, Newman is the best cornerback on the roster, having come off a great game against the Baltimore Ravens.

So, I'm going A.J. Green if I wanted someone for their career and Terrance Newman if I wanted someone for one game. Who would you take?