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What bold decision should the Jaguars make?

After the first four games, are there any bold moves you think the Jaguars should make?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are at the quarter pole of the season with an 0-4 mark. Former running back Marshall Faulk wants to know, after the first four games of the season, what bold move would you make for the Jaguars going forward?

For me, I think I would get running back Denard Robinson more involved in the offense, be it as a running back, catching the ball out of the backfield, or even as a decoy on the offense. While I'm not as down on Toby Gerhart as a lot of Jaguars fans are, I think Robinson offers big play ability in every touch, even though he's still learning the position.

Jedd Fisch has sprinkled some in already, but some two back sets with both Gerhart and Robinson on the field at the same time would be nice to see. Even motioning Robinson out wide out of the backfield and letting him run a route coming back across the offense or a jet sweep from the wide receiver position.

What would you do?

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