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Jaguars vs. Steelers final score: 3 things we learned in 17-9 loss

Blake Bortles tossed two interceptions in a 17-9 loss to the Steelers.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars defense did enough to get a victory, but Blake Bortles and the offense managed just three field goals against a usually porous Pittsburgh defense in a 17-9 loss. The Jaguars' rookie quarterback looked the part at times, but struggled in others and finished the game 22-of-36 for 191 yards and two interceptions. While one of his interceptions was essentially an arm punt, the second was a back-breaker for the Jaguars in a close game.

Following the loss, the Jaguars are now 0-5 and help is not on the way. They will next travel to face the Tennessee Titans, as the Jaguars are still looking for their first victory of 2014.

Three things we learned

1. Bortles is a rookie: Drops severely hurt the rhythm of the Jaguars offense, but that excuse isn't enough to absolve Blake Bortles of any blame for the poor offensive performance of the team. Simply put, he looked like a rookie. There were flashes of brilliance and there were plays that you'd expect a 22-year-old quarterback to make. Most notable was a fourth-quarter interception that was returned for a touchdown, eliminating all momentum for Jacksonville.

2. The defense can hang in there: The Jaguars defense is not good...I'm not saying that they are, but they did enough for the team to get a win on Sunday. Only 10 of the points scored by the Pittsburgh offense came against the Jaguars defense and, while the defense sure bent a lot, it never broke. Most of that credit belongs on the secondary, who finally managed to avoid being in the complete wrong area to allow big plays.

3. Allen Hurns needs time: Once upon a time, Allen Hurns took the NFL by storm. It lasted one quarter as his two first quarter touchdowns in the team's Week 1 opener set expectations high. He's an undrafted rookie. Remember that. He has a bad case of the dropsies and will need some work before he's ready to make a legitimate impact for the Jaguars. That's not a terrible thing considering the same can be said for Bortles and multiple other young players on the team.